DroboSync for DroboFS?

I realize that it doesn’t exist, but it’s what I need, darnit :slight_smile:

What I am looking for is a way to have a secondary Drobo FS (Drobo-B) be a copy of the primary one (Drobo-A). I know I can use products like ChronoSynch or Second Copy to do a synch, but that requires a PC or Mac in the middle, and when copying 10 TB it takes forever.

What I am looking for is something that runs ON Drobo-A that communicated directly with Drobo-B. I’ve seen references to cron jobs and rsynch, but I am not sure how to even get onto a terminal session on the Drobo to make it work.

does anyone have a method to do this simple, direct DroboFS to DroboFS, automated copy? I am not a complete newbie to technology but I am got drobo to get out of this admin crap :slight_smile:

many thanks!

I’m currently looking for that too!!! I’m waiting for a feature like this to buy my second Drobo-FS…

and it need to be able to detect deleted files in “Drobo-A” so “Drobo-B” dosen’t delete the file right away but move it into a “recycle bin folder” for like 90days or (and that would be awesome) until it need more space.

Has this made it into the product features for Drobo-FS?

Based on DRI’s history, I wouldn’t hold your breath expecting new features to appear post-purchase. This isn’t Apple. :wink:

Your best bet is to look into the more involved solutions like rsync, ssh, or the bleeding-edge Crashplan DroboApp that ricardo put together. File sync across multiple network devices - especially across the internet - is one of those Hard Problems.

Just a quick comment: yes, crashplan can backup one Drobo onto another (I have that set up between my FS and my parent’s), but I’m pretty sure that it is not a simple clone of the data. It seems to me that the crashplan engine stores the data in some reserved, encrypted space.

In other words, if you need replication then crashplan is not for you. If you need (opaque) backup, then crashplan is worth a try.

Crashplan creates it’s own structure, it’s not a file copy. It keeps older versions of the file, retains deleted files, etc., along with encryption. To get files out you have to use their “restore” features.