Droboshare & username/password

Hi All,

I recently picked up a drobo with a free droboshare to serve as a backup for the animation department where i work, i have a quick question…

is there any way of setting up multiple users for the droboshare, with different access rights?

Or is it best I connect the drobo via FW800 to a server that can deal with the various read/write permissions?

after reading this through… I can already kinda guess it’s the latter, but maybe I’ve missed something in the dashboard? or maybe there are plans to implement something like this in future firmwares…?

You cannot have multiple users accounts on a droboshare. You can full total access or one username/password.

This to me is one of the big things missing from the DroboShare NAS solution - one username/password is hopeless when wanting to share a drive as potentially large as Drobo across a network. I’m surprised that Jennifer hasn’t included any update to what DRI are doing about this in her reply - it’s a feature that every other NAS out there has from years back, and is something I’m sure could be included in the Linux code within the Share.

As you have suggested, I have my Drobo connected to a Mac Mini via FW in order to share the drive & folders across my network. File permissions are handled by the Mac. Have ditched the DroboShare !


There is no update. DroboShare was not designed for multiple user accounts. It was designed to make your drobo a network drive for users who do not know how to network their computers and enable file sharing of attached drives. In other words: The DroboShare network device simply allows your Drobo to be seen by the network so other computers and users can access, move data to/from Drobo.

If you would like to add it as a feature request, then by all means, please open a support case and input your feature request.

Thanks Jennifer - I’ve done just that :slight_smile: Case No. 41452.


ok forwarded to the correct department as a feature request.