Droboshare to Popcorn Hour via smb

I have put my 2nd G Drobo on a Droboshare and am trying to access it from a Popcorn Hour C200 ( it’s a type of media player). For some odd reason I can get access to the exported Drobo volume. The C200 sees droboshare in the smb workgroup but it won’t log into it, I assume. Ever other media player I have works with the Droboshare. What is Droboshare expecting as a login? guest, Guest, nothing …? Unfortunately the C200 is my main player at this point so … I don’t want to resort to UPnP or another streaming method.

If I hook up the Drobo to a Mac then I can get it to work as I have more control over mounting shares and passwords there. When it was hooked up to a Mac I had to export a subfolder in order to gain access but you can’t do that with Droboshare. It just exports the whole volume.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you’ve installed Dropbear SSH on the DroboShare, you can SSH in and look at the /etc/smb.conf to see how the Samba shares are defined.

I did that. Seems like the usual /mnt/…/Drobo is the thing being shared. The thing is I have other media players and they connect just fine.