DroboShare to MediaPlayer/AppleTV

For some odd reason I can’t seem to log into my DroboShare from my AppleTV running either Boxee/XBMC/NitoTV. The same thing happens from a Popcorn Hour C-200. The players see DROBOSHARE as an smb server but when I try to get at it they either think there is nothing there ( I assume they don’t get to see Drobo which is the exported volume) or I get a not permitted operation. My unit is not protected ( so anyone can log into it). I am using smb.

I tried multifolders but that doesn’t seem to work with the latest firmware. I think I need to be able to export a subfolder of Drobo to get this to work with the Popcorn Hour. I don’t really want to go the UPnP route.

Are there any apps which allow exporting subdirectories?

I am running HFS+ if that is an issue on a 2nd G Drobo. If I hook up the Drobo to a Mac then everything works fine.


Try dropping one or two media files on the root of your Drobo and see what happens. If you see the files, then you’ll know the clients can access the share and just expect to see files at the share location. If that’s the case, can’t you just set the share to be \DroboShare\Drobo\Movies if your movie files are in the Movies folder of the Drobo?