Droboshare standby & Wakeup

How I wake up a drobo on a droboshare, when I put it into standby mode through the Drobo Dashboard?

Will the Drobo go automatic into standby mode on a droboshare after a while?


If you put it in Standby then it won’t wake up until you disconnect/reconnect the USB or you reboot the DroboShare.

It will put the drives to sleep after some amount of non-use.

Standby is really only for moving or disconnecting the Drobo.

Is sleep the same, like standby? I mean use it then less power? Can I put the drobo to sleep by myself?

If you put the droboshare into standby mode, the only way to get it out of standby mode is to unplug the ethernet cable then the power to your droboshare and plug it back in.

The drives do spin down after 15 mins of inactivity.

Most people who use the droboshare keep their drobos on at all times.

Like Bhiga said, standby is for moving your droboshare or completely disconnecting the drobo.