Droboshare Software 1.6 destroyed my Mac

V1.5.3 was fine / MacBook Air / 10.6.1

After installing 1.60 the finder went to beachball mode and machine was unsusable

After a day of troubleshooting I wiped my MacBook Air and started a clean install

As soon as I reinstalled DroboShare V1.60 everything stopped again!!!

So now I have a clean machine that works BUT no Drobo?


Can I access a Droboshare without the software?

Cheers, Robert.

Yes you can access the Drobo and DroboShare without having Dashboard.
Drobo should still mount as a shared network drive on your desktop after you manually map to it.

I would still recommend opening up a support case since I’ve seen no reported issues with Dashboard 1.6.0 and droboshare.

Same problem, here, with XP Pro.

Dashboard 1.6.0 never finds the Drobo, although it does mount as a shared network drive.

Back to 1.5.1 and everything’s good.

I’ll be submitting a trouble ticket, shortly.

Thanks Jennifer

Love the Pumpkin

How do I manually map? is there a standard IP for the network pane?

smb://droboshare etc does not work, just spins wheels

Any advice appreciated

Cheers, Robert.

smb://ip address


Care to elaborate?

Click on Go then click on Connect to server.
type in smb://ip address
then click on connect.

Jennifer -

Step-by-step details, please, as if I was a total boob!

(Also, remember that I’m on a Windows system.)


Oh sorry the post is titled Droboshare software 1.6 destroyed my MAC.

Those steps are for the MAC which is what the original post was inquiring about.

Steps for manually mapping on windows:

Start > Run > \DroboShareName orDroboShare IP address, right-click on the Drobo and map the drive.

NET USE - Mapping DroboShare:

Start - Run - cmd > net use Z: \DroboShareName\DroboVolumeName /persistent:yes

persistent:no would unmap it when you re-boot the computer

NET USE - Mapping Specific Folder On DroboShare:

Start - Run - cmd --> net use Z: \DroboShareName\DroboVolumeName\foldername /persistent:yes

Sorry for the confusion… I probably should have started a new thread.

I had no problem in mapping the DroboShare, but DashBoard 1.6.0 will NOT connect.

Uninstalling 1.6.0 and reinstalling 1.5.1 solves the connection problem, but I wanted to give 1.6.0 a try.

Again, thanks!