DroboShare Permissions

I currently have a drobo attached to a droboshare, set up for my own use on a network. There are other people on my network who I occasionally want to share files with, but don’t want these users to have access to all files on the drobo or at the very least not access to write/delete.

What solutions are there available to allow people access to some folders, or only allow read only access.

I’d imagine there would be some way of setting something up, with some sort of drobo app or configuration in ssh?

I’ve been toying with this as well…

1 thing I have discovered is, that any modifications you make on the Droboshare with regards to groups and users, will be erased once you reboot it.

I SSH’d to the Drobo and created users and groups and set up permissions based on it… I’ve actually done this 3-4 times. Every time I reboot the Drobo… it’s gone.

Thats horrible…

Have you guys checked out MultiFolders in the Downloads area?

There’s a cryptic post that alludes to it not working now, but I haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet.

I did try that one after making this thread. It looked like it installed fine into droboapps, but just before I tried to add a user, I noticed a comment saying it didn’t work with ntfs partitions.