Droboshare Password ?

Hello, I bought an Droboshare to connect to my 2º Gen Drobo.
I connected all, reset the droboshare and all but when i try to login to smb server it keeps asking me for a login and pass.

How to know for sure the droboshare as reset ?
What is the default pass ?
Thanks for all your help

hi i think the default user was Admin
but some nas models used root

(there is a forgot password option but im not yet sure if the dashboard version that it requires would still be compatible with the gen2)

We had retired the KB. I hope this is what you were looking for.

The following information shows the default DroboShare settings. It is displayed on the DroboShare Setup page (Dashboard -> Advanced Controls -> Tools -> DroboShare Setup):
DroboShare Name = DroboShare
Workgroup = Workgroup
Automatically assign IP settings (DHCP)
Make DroboShare volumes public
In order to reset your DroboShare settings to the default values, follow the steps below:
WARNING: The following steps are only to be applied to the DroboShare, not the Drobo itself. Do not reset the (4-slot) Drobo or you will erase all your data!
If possible, first put Drobo into standby mode.
Power down DroboShare:

  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable
  • Wait one minute
  • Assuming that a Y-cable is being used, the Drobo and DroboShare are each connected to the same power supply. Thus one “branch” of the Y-cable is connected to the Drobo, the other “branch” is connected to the DroboShare. Disconnect the power from DroboShare only. Do not disconnect power from the Drobo.
    Locate the small hole approximately 1" to the left of the DroboShare Ethernet port. It is the hole for the reset switch.
    Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole and depress the reset switch inside.
    Hold the reset switch depressed while simultaneously connecting power back to DroboShare. Keep it depressed until the power light on Drobo is solid green (not blinking) and its drive lights are solid green.
    Release the paper clip and disconnect DroboShare’s power cable again.
    Power up DroboShare:
  • Connect the Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the data cable (if it was disconnected).
  • Connect the power cable back to DroboShare.
    Wait at least 2 minutes for it to mount.

Note: If you had set up your DroboShare to use a static IP address, then after the DroboShare has been reset, this setting will have been changed to use DHCP. You will have to set it up again to use a static IP address.
WARNING: Doing a pinhole reset on Drobo FS, DroboPro FS, or B800fs with or without drives installed will result in data loss.