Droboshare Password Protection and Windows Explorer

Please pardon me if I’m missing something basic here.

I’ve just installed a Drobo and Droboshare on my Vista machine.

I could see and access the drive through both the Drobo Dashboard and Windows Explorer.

As I didn’t want to leave the Drobo without a password with just the router firewall to keep it safe, I enabled password protection through the Dashboard software.

The dashboard software still sees the drive, of course, but when I try to access it with Windows Explorer, I’m not asked for a username and password, I’m just told the username and password are wrong and cannot access the device.

Again, please pardon me if this is an often-asked question. I searched the knowledgebase at the Drobo website and used the search through the forum and didn’t find anything helpful.

If you’re accessing it via a mapped drive letter (like Z:), you might have reboot or at least log off/log on to get the new credentials to apply. You may also have to reboot the DroboShare, if you haven’t done so already.

Thank you very much, I’d rebooted the Droboshare, but doing it along with a reboot of the box cleared it up.

Bless you. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re up-and-going! The way Windows caches credentials is quite…annoying. :slight_smile: