DroboShare only at 10/100


I am experiencing VERY slow speeds with my Drobo and DroboShare (connected to my Linksys Gigabit router). A 380 Megabyte file takes about 5 minutes and 30 seconds to copy from any of my Gigabit-enabled computers to the Drobo. When I try to copy the same file from my workstation (10/100/1000) to one of my non-gigabit servers (10/100), I am seeing this same copy operation take about 35 seconds. Copying to my Linkstation Pro Duo NAS (10/100/1000) takes about 20 seconds.

Another weird thing – I have a Netgear 8 port Gigabit switch but my Drobo and DroboShare will not be detected if I plug the DroboShare into it. The Drobo will only be detected if I plug the DroboShare into the router! I tried plugging my workstation (10/100/1000) directly into the router along with the DroboShare to see if I’d get better file copying speeds, but I got the same 5 minutes and change timeframe for the copy operation.

People are complaining about 10MB/sec, but hell, that would be GREAT for what I am using it for (mainly work backups, photos and music).

I installed Jumbo Frames and that seems to have not done anything for or against the copying speeds.

4 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black Drives
Formatted w/NTFS
Drobo Firmware: 1.3.5
DroboShare Firmware 1.1.2

Thanks for your help,

Did you open a support ticket? You might simply have bad hardware.

No, didn’t open a support ticket yet but will do that today. Just wanted to see if anyone had any quick ideas or if I was overlooking something obvious.


Have you tried a different ethernet cable? I’d try a known-good one like the one on the other GigE PC.

If you’re lucky, it’s just a cable gone bad and not the DroboShare’s network port. But definitely open the support ticket if a different cable doesn’t work.

Hi bhiga,

Yep, tried several known-working cables, but thanks for the reply.


Bummer… Ah well, hopefully support can get you back to good. :slight_smile: