DroboShare not shown in Network Map (W7)

System W7, all updates
DroboShare (latest firmware)
Drobo Dashboard (latest firmware)
Drobo (1st gen, latest firmware)

Workgroup name is the same on Drobo Dashboard Network Tab and my PC.

Still W7 reports that it cannot place DroboShare on the Network Map (it is listed at the bottom).
BTW: this is nothing new it has never shown up, and not a big problem, but it should show as part of my network, attached to the switch.
Or not?

Which one is wrong? W7 or DroboShare?


What workgroup names are the PC and DroboShare set to?

Why? does it matter what letters of the alphabet I use? The names are the same.

Case doesn’t matter, but sometimes you get stuff like spaces at the end.

Thought of that. No spaces. Not by me anyway. Don’t know what DroboShare does when it publishes that information. It’s the only device that is outside my network even though it has the same workgroup name.

The network map only functions for computers running Windows. All other computers running some other kind of operating system like Linux or Mac OS X are not placed on the network map because they don’t support it. Droboshare is running on Linux

Ah, that seems like a good explanation.

And DroboShare doesn’t run an LLTD responder?