Droboshare + Mediaserver + Sony Bravia DLNA-client

Hi folks,

has anyone tried to install a dlna capable mediaserver on droboshare working with a sony bravia tv? as far as i know the sony bravia has a dlna-client which is dlna 1.5 compatible.
I tried fuppes and firefly. Both are not recognized by the sony.
I tried the twonkymediaserver an my PC. This was ok. I can see it in the server list on my bravia tv. so far so good.
the task to do is to get this twonkyserver running on droboshare.
I used the linux trial version here the download link from manufacturer and got an error saying something like “syntax error: “(” unexpected…”. But this message appears as the binary starts. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you know what i mean. At this point in start script the binary file is “called”.

Is there anyone who got the twonky working?

Thanks Peter