DroboShare, Mac, EXT3... administrative tools?

After getting tired of dealing with the issues that arose when using an HFS+ formatted Drobo and DroboShare I decided to reformat the drive into two separate partitions because of volume size limits.

Upon reading the directions for installing Backmyfruitup, ext3 formatting was recommended. For administrative purposes ExtFS from Paragon Software was also recommended. However, this was never tested by the developer. Thus in my own testing, I’ve tried mounting my Drobo directly via USB and Disk Utility would only recognize the two partitions, but not mount them or verify/repair them. Because this is the case, what are my options for preventative maintenance and disk management? Can I directly manage disks via DroboShare and DropBearSSH? Does ExtFS actually work, but I’m getting it wrong? Or is there something else that is recommended?


When I was playing with EXT3 I eded up using a Linux virtual machine inside VMware. Worked like a champ. If you don’t have VMware or Parallels you can also use VirtualBox for free. You can get prebuilt LInux machines from VMware ready loaded with various distributions.

I’m going to download Ubuntu and make a Parallels VM. I suppose that’s the best option and besides it’s totally free. Anyone know if the embedded linux on the DroboShare has its own type of disk utilities to verify and repair ext3?