droboshare keeps dropping off the network

i have a mac mini, connected to my home network ( running off a t-link swtich ) and the drobo attached via droboshare to the network. I had to self assign it an ip on the network as the dhcp didnt seem to be giving it a new ip ( i had it running on a different setup before i changed it and that old ip address wouldnt work 169.XXX.XXX.XX ) and since moving to a new net provider and downloading some torrents, the drobo randomly drops off the network now and then ( two times in two days ).
im running snow leopard 10.6.2 and the drobo and droboshare firmware are all up-to-date.

any idea’s ?

169.x.x.x is an auto-assigned address, meaning it didn’t find/contact a DHCP server.

Are you downloading torrents from the DroboShare (ie, with a torrent client running on the DroboShare itself)? If so you might just be saturating the DroboShare’s network connection or processor.

Did you have problems before your change to a new net provider? If not, did anything else change in the switch to your new net provider? New router, new switch, new cables, anything?

ive changed the address to a static address,
im downloading torrents to the droboshare, and thats usually when it drops off my desktop.
i wasn’t downloading torrents on my last provider cause it was an unstable connection.

got home today and drobo is still mounted on my desktop, but the dashboard can’t see the volume anymore… :frowning:

Interesting… what’s the load on the DroboShare when you’re downloading? I’m wondering if it’s the network load on the DroboShare, or the CPU load.