Droboshare (I think) renames my LUN's????

This has happened to me twice now.

I have two LUN’s that used to be called Pool1 and Pool2… Suddenly one day I log in, I see they are now called Pool11 and Pool2??!

I thought… that was weird… so I renamed them to NasPool1 and NasPool2… and now… after just logging in… I see the first one being called NasPool11 again!!!

Does anyone know why this is.

Drobo v2 + Droboshare
MacOS - Snow Leopard
Drobo Dashboard 1.6.7

I recall reading something about this in one of the forums here… Has something to do with how the share gets mounted by Mac OS, I think.

I thought it was in the old forum, but yes essentially (im not a mac guy) i think it was that it didnt recognise it as a previously seen share, so just kept on thinking it was a new share and incremeting its number


Well I just experienced this in an ever weirder context now… and this was in Windows 7…

Situation… PS3 Medie Server running on a computer that has the Drobo LUN’s mounted. From the PS3 I start playing a movie from an ISO file via the computer, which naturally fetches it from the Drobo.

Droboshare then reboots, and when it comes up, it has renamed the LUN I had used for storage. It did this 3 times in a row…

Pool-A went to Pool-A1, Pool-A2, Pool-A3.

What the heck?!?!?

I’m experiencing similar on my Win 7 machine with Drobo (no DroboShare) attached. The same Drobo stays attached to it, but every time the machine is rebooted, my Windows Home Server tells me a new drive has been attached to that client and wants me to reconfigure backup. I can live with it, but it’s a bit annoying to have to dismiss the warning every time that client reboots.

I don’t see that as similar at all…

One thing is that my droboshare reboots, meaning everything lose access to it in my house.

But that it infact renames the LUN’s directly on the device for some odd reason…

All mounts/mappings and so on, that I have from my various machines/servers then needs to be re-configured with the new LUN name, because for whatever reason… I can’t rename the LUN’s back again… for god knows what reason.

Maybe Windows 7 is appearing to do the same thing as Mac?


That is not the issue… it’s actually while it’s running… suddenly out of the blue, it reboots, and when it get’s back, then you can see in the dashboard that the LUN actually has a whole new name? It isn’t creating new volumes out of the blue… it renames the existing ones

I too see this issue and it’s not related to the OS you run. It’s a droboshare issue I feel. I have 2 mount points it seems in my Droboshare one /mnt/DroboShars/Drobo and one at /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo1 - for some unexplained reason the Droboshare volume changes from Drobo to Drobo1. This then messes up everthing, such as dropapps which have config files refering to /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo as well as on my PC where my backup is expecting to connect to //DroboShares/Drobo and NOT //DroboShares/Drobo1!! I’ve tried putting a symbolic link from Drobo1 to Drobo on the DroboShare - this fails since /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo appears to know about the actual directories but can’t find them:
ls ./Pictures: No such file or directory (as this is now on /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo1)
plus there is a real DroboApps directory which also contains some files and “ghost” files…
What IS going ON here??? and how can I get my DroboShare volume back to Drobo! The dashboard rename does NOT work…

I too am stricken with this problem. Every day almost all the media centres lose their connection to drobo, sure enough it’s now drobo1 instead of drobo. need to do a full shutdown to get it back. Very frustrating, any resolutions??

This is one of the reasons I said goodbye to my DroboShare early on. I had scripts that relied on the volumes being at a specific place with a specific name. If I recall, the reason it changes the names is that when the DroboShare disconnects (which it seemed to do a lot) the old mount point directories in /Volumes for the Drobo volumes are still there and Dashboard thinks they are active, so when the DroboShare is seen again it makes new mount points.

You could try disconnecting/unmounting the DroboShare volumes, then going into /Volumes and deleting any hangover mountpoint directories (I can’t remember what they are called but you will know them when you see them) and then reconecting/remounting the DroboShare.