Droboshare HORRIBLY slow


It does not look like many people post in the Droboshare forum.

Are there people in this form that use Droboshare with a Drobo V2?

I am getting HORRIBLY slow, ridiculously slow transfer rates.

Using a backup program, 1.87Gb to my Drobo on Droboshare took 5 hours and 37 minutes.

To my Synology NAS it took around 25 minutes and connected direct to my Mac around 10 minutes.

I cannot believe Droboshare is really that slow, trying to find out other peoples thoughts!!!


it shoudlnt be THAT slow, i think “typical” speeds seem to be about 8-10MB/sec

are you SURE you mean 1.87GB? your mac should be able to back that up in about 20-30 seconds…

what program are you using?

at 10 minutes for 1.87GB - then your mac backup is going at 3MB/sec which is unbelievably slow

and your synology is going at 1MB/sec! i get 100MB/sec to my synology![hr]
1.87G in 5 hours and 37 minutes is 92KB/sec…


Yes, these timings are accurate but I should be a little clearer.

It is backing up a Mac Outlook database which I believe is saved as individual file per email.

So LOTS of very small files.

I have also done a comparison with a large file.

a single 4.7Gb file copies to my Synology NAS in 3 minutes.

The same file copies to my Droboshare in 38 minutes.


maybe you need to look at your backup strategy… could you backup to a local drive, then copy that single large backup image to drobo, that way it should go a lot closer to the 10MB/sec one would expect?


Tried some other tests.

Copied 360mb file to Drobo, Firewire attached 16.8 Secs.

To another Firewire drive, 6.5 Secs

To my NAS 11.2 Secs (so faster than my FW attached Drobo!).

To Droboshare 33.2 Secs which is very acceptable.

So why is it so poor on small files?


I find THE DROBO 2 a big sh… !!!
(3 x 1T seagate + 1x 2T WD Caviar black)

1 hours to write 4GB with firewire 800, and when I want to open a photo it takes minutes…
10 hours to write 44,91GB

And I do not speak about time machine ; it take days for 340 GB


I bought a LACIE 2TB and put the DROBO on sales.

have you:

  1. asked for troubleshooting/help on the forums
  2. have you tried asking support for troubleshooting

Yes, I called the support in Germany because my imac quadcore 2.8 suddenly not recognise the DROBO and I had the Alarm : “1 disc out of order” for the second time (the first time the apple store gave me gratis a new disc).

So, I received a niew DROBO just before christmas and my mac recognise it.
(I had to send back my Drobo for reparation but because of de busy days I send it back 28/12/10).

Then I put de 4 DD back to my DROBO, the mac recognised it, and I made a transfert of 4000 photos (here I send back de DROBO I receved). It took me 2 hours with de Lacie on USB and nearly 3 days with de DROBO on firewire 800.

I am really disappointed !

The Drobo need at least a couple of hours (preferably a night) rest after it has been formated. It is doing some internal housekeeping. It is very slow before that is finished. No, you will not find this in any documentation, but you can easily measure it and also hear the drives working.

Have you tried using USB? It could be a problem with your firewire.

A normal Drobo is slow, but not that slow.

so you havent actually asked for help with your very slow transfer speeds?

and yes, it will need some time to optimise its internal layout (48 hours tend to be the recommended length of time , but if you are writing a lot it can take longer than that)

It could also be a drive going bad. I just had one of my Drobos mark one of my WD20EADS drives bad (blinking red) - I had noticed it got EXTREMELY SLOW a few hours before.

Then it marked it bad.

Luckily I just finished configuring my HDD testing rig. So I ran WD Data Lifeguard Tools v5.04f, it passed Quick Test, but proceeded to Full Test and it said it found errors that were corrected (Error code 0223). So definitely the drive was having problems.

That is right, it is going now faster than 2 days ago, but it is still slower with firewire800 than the Lacie with usb ; and this, with the same 83,6GO documents.
Wait and see…

drobo itself isnt that fast and usually would be roughly the same speed on USB 2 or FW since it woudl be drobo and not the interface which is the limiting factor.

have you tried your drobo over USB? is it just as slow?

Im also upset about this… bought a nice droboshare which is a nice paperweight right now. Tried connecting Drobo (4x2TB disks) directly to the rest of my NASs (through USB QNAPs, far faster than this)… also bought a Pogoplug… allways slower than a turtle. Can’t get more than 1,950.00KBps for 50MB rar files (gigaethernet connection).

My last chance is my Linksys E3000. Ive connected Drobo to It but transfer rate remains in 1,950.00KBps

And forgot to mention that playing photos or videos, or just entering folders from my LAN’s computers is far slow.

I reiterate what I told Drobo Care (with no answer)… I’m going to throw his piece of crap to the dustbin.


to be honest, i still dont know what it the main purpose of the drobo share is (i only got one because it came free as a special deal when i bought my 2nd (v2) drobo :slight_smile:

eg, if you have a pc, surely you can map a network share to a drobo volume or folder, and as long as your machine is up and running, the connection works that way.

that sums it up!

lots of peopel dont want to have a pc on the whole time acting as a server!

they want seevral comptuer in the house./workplace to be able to access the storage, without having to worry about the pc it is connected to being turne don

it changed drobo from DAS (Direct attached storage) to NAS (network attached storage) which is quite a big deal and its why there is now the droboFS and droboFS pro both of which are NAs rather than DAS

plus you can run apps on the dorobshare

think of it like a £99 server and its actually pretty good value (shame its so slow)

ahaa thanks docchris, i guess i took it for granted as my pc is always on when i use the drobo.

edit - re below “Sweet” :smiley:

well my NAS serves me on my laptop - the media pc in the lounge, my flatmates laptop and my bedroom tv has built in ethernet and pulls content direct off the nas regardless of what the other 3 computer may or may not be doing