droboshare help please

Working for a new boss (3 months in) small office (me, receptionist, boss) and he has never done backups…for 15 years.

heavenly sound clip
So i suggest a Drobo and Droboshare, YEAH !

connect drobo to my machine with firewire, load all the new dashboard and drobo firmware updates etc etc. Sweet. My boss moved his office to his house and built a studio there. He got a contractor to come in and do the setup, and this is where the hiccup is. View the setup…

the modem

no idea

shoty network box

switch ?

it wont show up, when connected to the router ( either of them ), and my boss has left this upto me to organise/fix. Currently it has no drives in it, they are being delivered seperate.
I run the same setup almost at home ( BoB, TP-Link switch, Drobo/Share, 3 Mac’s, aTV Xbox etc etc… ) but I can’t get this machine to see the drobo. I logged into the router and found the droboshare IP, but when i try and SMB into it, it asks me for the Volume password…which isn’t set as factory its an unlocked drive…

My thoughts are to wait for the drives, format drobo in FAT32 (mac&pc) and then drop it back on the share and hope it works cause two things my boss is, a tightass and impatient.

Anything else i can do to get the drobo to show ?

(ps, with no drives, the drobo still showed up on the dashboard, but just said it was empty in the piechart.)


No need to format FAT32 when on droboshare. Either format HFS+ or NTFS. That way when you directly attach to a PC or Mac you can run repair disk (mac) or chkdsk (windows) which you should be doing as regular maintenance on your data.

Does dashboard connect at all to the Droboshare when you have it hooked up?

Looks like you have…
[]Motorola cable modem (pic 1)
This gives you Internets. Yay.
]Punch panel (pic 2)
The wires that go to the wall jacks in the building terminate here, and the wires coming out the bottom are connected.
You could live without a punch panel, but it gets really stupid, really fast if you don’t have one.
[]5-port switch (silver box next to modem in pic 3)
No switch, no shared network.
]Patch panel (pic 4)
Technically a patch panel isn’t necessary either - but it definitely helps to keep things sane and organized.

You say your machine DOES see the DroboShare, but you can’t access the Drobo? That makes sense… Because DroboShare has to mount the Drobo before it can share its contents, and the driveless Drobo likely won’t mount.

You’ll need drives in there. Best to wait. Short of configuring IPs, there isn’t much you can do until you get drives in the Drobo.

Well, Dashboard should see the Droboshare regardless if there are drives or not, but correct, it won’t mount anything to the computer without drives.

Sorry, didn’t see the PS at the end of your post.

If dashboard is connecting and showing the empty pie chart you are good.

Nothing will mount until you add drives and format.
Again, do not format in FAT32.

Drives are in,
formatted to FAT32 ( drobo connected to mac, formatted, standby )
connected to network, router has given droboshare an IP, but wont show on drobodashboard
can’t login to the IP, asks for password
after booting and showing 2 green drives, its like the drobo goes to sleep…

The drobo has never appeared on the dashboard whilst connected to the share, only when connected directly to the machine.

Formatted into Mac os journaled,
Drobo is showing on droboshare/dashboard now.
ive got the IP address, but I still can’t get it to mount as a volume with 2 1tb drives in it now…

Are you able to manually map?

Go > connect to server > smb:\ipofdroboshare?

reformatted on the share, to the NTFS setting for Mac and Pc, all sorted on shows in my Mac shared folder now.