Droboshare for OS X: Broken by design

You can request the code by emailing gplrequest@drobo.com

I second Gerd, Jan, brickbat and all others who are having issues with Droboshare and HFS+ volumes. It’s been 6 months I have this setup and it crashed more than regularily (Drobo just reboots on its own). And to me it also seems it is HFS+ support related.

To Jennifer, I also had a support request open, but after exchanging my Drobo, Droboshare, powersupply, USB cable nothing changed. The last recommendation I got was to replace the 2 disks I have inside my Drobo. However I don’t have spare disks and I’m a bit reluctant to buy 2 new disks (about half the price of the Drobo+droboshare…) just to see if it goes better. I also don’t understand how the disks could be the issue because when I have my Drobo directly connected to my MacBook Pro, it never crashes…

See http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=665 and http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=463 for similar reports.

It’s a pity, because Droboshare was one of the main reason I choose the Datarobotics solution. At the moment, I’m not recommending any Datarobotics products anymore to anyone who looks for storage solutions.

Just to add a little bit more, I too had several corruption problems which were never fully explained (I got a replacement Drobo and subsequently had more corruption). Though I could never conclusively point the finger at any one culprit (I don’t have the time or inclination to try to reproduce disk corruption) I too thought the problem seemed to stem from alternatively hooking the HFS+ drobo to a droboshare and my macbookpro, so I stopped using the droboshare. Since then I haven’t had any problems.


I revisited this thread, trying to see whether I can actually start using my DroboShare for SuperDuper backups reliably.

Sadly, there is no answer to the problems.

I can’t comment on the Mac side, but at least on the Windows side, backup utilities are generally designed to work on local media, so backup over network requires some extra checking by the backup utility to ensure reliability.