DroboShare Firmware for manual update


My DroboShare isn´t working anymore after a firmware update.
It connects only one time after a reset.

For Drobo you can download and update the firmware manually (http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php). But I can´t find a download for DroboShare.
Where can I download the DroboShare firmware for a manual firmware update to fix the problem?



Thanks, but how can i manual update DroboShare?

I tried it on this way (Manual Firmware Update Instructions for Drobo storage devices) but I couldn´t select the .tds file.

Ahh, those are the directions for drobo firmware not droboshare firmware.

Manual Update of DroboShare Firmware:

  1. Save the DroboShare Firmware .tds file to your computer.

  2. Open the Drobo Dashboard application.

  3. Click the Advanced Controls button.

  4. Go to the Tools tab.

  5. Hold down the Control key AND the Option/alt key (on Macs) or the
    Alt key (on Windows) while clicking on the Check for Updates button.

  6. A dialog box will be displayed where you can select the location of
    the .tds file for the new DroboShare Firmware.

  7. DroboShare will go through the download process and then inform you
    that it needs to restart in order for the update to be applied (be
    patient while the update is installed… it takes a few minutes).

I have make several tries.

But it always says:

[i]The DroboShare update was unsuccessful.

Please review our support website at www.datarobotics.com/support.

What should I do?

Are you connecting to the droboshare when doing the droboshare update?

Yes, DroboShare (with one Drobo 2. Gen.) connected over Ethernet.
I have tried using Drobo Dashboard for Mac and for Windows. It always fails.

The update fails?

Honestly I would recommend opening up a support case.
You can either submit via our website: http://www.drobo.com/support/request_support.php
Or call 866-426-4280 6am to 6pm PST.