Droboshare don't do anything less than 1Tb

Well after raising a support case, I have my answer as to why my 150Gb Time Machine backup and 50Gb Superduper backup volumes on my Drobo is not seen by my new Droboshare…

…No, it’s not a compatability problem with OSX Snow Leopard…

…It’s not a problem with the Dashboard version…

…it’s not a problem with the Droboshare itself…

It’s the simple case that the Droboshare won’t see a volume if it’s less than 1Tb.

Not exactly widely advertised, but I’ve learnt the hard way.

I do find it hard to believe though that I am the only person here who has a Droboshare who has volumes less than 1Tb partitions, but maybe I am. Now I have approx 200Gb of space I have to work out how to reorganise, and a time machine backup to set up on another disk. But hey, at least I have my films, music, and TV shows wirelessly available now.

Here’s the full reply message to confirm the reasoning:

[i]"The lowest volume size capable of being formatted on the DroboShare is 1TB as indicated by the Drobo Dashboard. This is the default recommended minimum volume size. In your case, you have chosen to format the Drobo outside of the default volume sizes that Dashboard allows in order to make your Drobo compatible with certain 3rd party applications. While the Drobo may function normally outside of default volume sizes, in cases like these, incompatibilities arise. This would be one of them.

We would stress that formatting to the recommended volume sizes in Dashboard are the best way to assure compatibility between Drobo products."

Lessons learnt, if you wanna use Drobo products, use only Drobo products and it’s software, don’t mix and match, it don’t like to play with others.

Thanks to Nate for his speedy replies from the support team, I don’t have the resolution I was hoping for, but at least I do have a resolution :slight_smile:


@andy, I don’t understand your complaint. Drobo is virtual storage, so it doesn’t physically allocate space until data is actually written. So your complaint about a 1TB or smaller volume/partition are confusing. Also confusing is your switching between the terms “volume” and “partition”. Please start over, tell us what you want to accomplish, how you set up your system, and what you belive the problem(s) are.

Hmm, ok, apologies if it was confusing. I’ll try again.

  • Got Drobo V2
  • Put in 4 1Tb disks, so 2.7 Tb available storage
  • Set volume size to 2Tb, so it presented 2 volumes to Mac OSX
  • Split one of the 2Tb volumes in to 3 partitions
  • 150Gb, 50Gb, and 1.8Tb
  • Got Droboshare
  • Connected up but could only see 1.8Tb & 2Tb volumes
  • 150Gb and 50Gb partitions could not be seen when attached to Droboshare

Hope that helps to explain the Drobo response. Droboshare will not see a partition of a volume less than 1Tb

And if you want to see this in pictures, see post here