Droboshare does not connect to gigabit switch anymore


I have a Drobo V2, droboshare, connected to a Dlink DGS-1008D gigabit switch. It has been working fine for months. Now the Droboshare NIC refuses to connect to the switch (the LAN LED on the Droboshare front remains off). I changed the LAN cable, connected to another port on the switch, did a reset of Droboshare, still the same issue, auto-negotiation seems to fails and Droboshare never connects to the switch. Other computers (e.g. macbook pro) can connect at gigabit speed / auto-negotiation to the same switch/port.

If I connect the Droboshare to a 100mb switch, then it’s able to establish the LAN connection with auto negotiation.

Is there any way I can disable auto negotiation on Droboshare and force it to connect to the switch at gigabit speed? any other idea?