Droboshare disconnect during copy


I have a mac network. My drobo v2 is connected to the droboshare which is connected to my airport extreme. All firmwares and software is up to date although when I tried to install the software for the drobo dashboard in Snow Leopard it gave an error saying one of the kexts could not be loaded.

When I try to copy a file to the drobo, after about 650MB, the drobo dashboard and the whole network in fact loses connection to the drobo. The droboshare lights keep flashing like something is happening but it isnt.

I looked through the droboshare forum but couldn’t find anyone else having the same problem.

Connected directly via firewire or USB to the PC or the Airport Extreme works fine.


First what versions are you running?
DroboShare firmware?
Drobo firmware?

Also, I would recommend directly connecting to your Drobo to your computer via USB and running Repair Disk from Disk Utility.

There were a lot of reports of issues like this on the old forums. There are many people for whom this is fine, but a very significant minority that had big trouble with sustained loading on the DroboShare.

Dashboard is 1.6.6
Drobo is 1.3.5
Droboshare 1.1.2

Repair disk came up with 2 errors - 1. Incorrect number of Access Control Lists It should be 1 instead of 9318 and 2. Volume Header needed minor repair.

Tried copying a file again after the repair - same problem.

Then I suggest you open a support ticket.

Hi Brickbat,

I had the same kind of issue, Drobo support was unable to help, they changed the Drobo, changed the Droboshare, changed the power supply and at the end asked me to change my disks (although Drobo is working fine when directly connected to my Mac). Nothing worked.

It’s a pitty the old forums disapeared, we might have found valuable information in it. I’m now considering buying another small network appliance to connect my Drobo to it.

Check http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=463

Thanks tonin. This droboshare seems to me to be a big waste of money. I just found out that even when it’s working properly, it is between 1/3 and 1/4 the speed of the drobo connected directly to the PC. I think I will try to sell it now because I can’t return it. I bought it as part of a bundle.

Any network appliance you buy will mean that you cannot use the drobo dashboard. I had it connected through my Airport Extreme and it was working very well except for the lack of dashboard.