Droboshare disappeared from Dashboard

I have a G1 Drobo split into two volumes and connected to a Droboshare.

I can go to \droboshare and see both volumes, map them, read/write files as normal.

However, the droboshare has simply disappeared from my drobo dashboard after having been present there for quite some time. Reboots of both PC and drobo and droboshare haven’t cured this.

Any thoughts?

Any OS updates or anti-virus updates recently?

Firewall somehow reconfigure itself?

No nothing like that.

I did upgrade to Windows 7 recently, but it worked for a while after upgrading. I haven’t made any other system changes recently, and none that coincided with this problem.

I’d disconnect the Drobo from DroboShare, connect it directly to your machine, and run ChkDsk on it. Possibly something got corrupt and needs fixing.