DroboShare connection lost during large file transfers

Here are the versions of firmware I have:
Drobo Firmware: v1.3.5 [1.252.21110]
DroboShare Firmware: v1.1.2 [51.14990]

Using Windows XP Service Pack 2

My issue happens with large file transfers.

I have two PCs (laptop and desktop) connected to a Drobo via DroboShare. All is fine until large file transfers occur (and update of Windows Briefcase never makes it, for example, to the point where I can update the files because the connection is dropped while it’s comparing files on my laptop vs. the Drobo).

Once the connection is dropped, it’s gone. I have to turn power down and up the DroboShare (the Drobo itself does not need to be powered down).

This did not happen when I first installed the devices – it happened after a firmware update along the way and I’m not sure which one. I also cannot guarantee it was the firmware update itself.

I can provide specific selections from the diagnostic log, if requested.


I would recommend directly connecting your drobo to your computer and running chkdsk on the volumes.

I have had the same problem trying to transfer large Aperture Libraries. I lose the connection from my Drobo Share. What do you recommend for a Mac user on OSX 10.6.1

Repair disk from disk utility.

Try a different ethernet cable. Try the droboshare direct connected to the NIC card on your computer, not going through a router/switch.

Try a different USB cable.

And if you are still having problems after that, please open a support case.

There were a number of issues that CHKDSK repaired and now the file transfers are successful via DroboShare. Thank you for your guidance!