Droboshare Apps & renaming volumes ?

Hi Folks,

I have am in the process of trying to rebuild my drobo, and have already manually tried to a number of things.
Some question remain however!

  1. Where do I now get the apps from, are they different to the FS apps ? last time I looked there was a library of them on here!

  2. I am trying to get a central itunes folder for lan use (firefly?) for mac’s/itunes, and some form of sftp share (any multi device/secure format really) for publishing outside my network (mixed file formats, but to include client artwork assets), as well as a backup of my OSX server. What apps do people recommend ?

  3. Voumes! my volumes are HFS+ and are annoyingly called ‘data’ and ‘data1’, how can I change these names ? Ideally I also want to change partition sizes, however I dont have anything big enough to copy them onto to be able to format them!