DroboShare and SuperDuper (Mac) or any disk image

Has anyone managed to get the DroboShare to work reliably with SuperDuper?

Or any kind of software which creates/uses DMG disk images or sparsebundles?

If so, how?

In my case, it’s been a road of pain, my backups always time out eventually, and I can rarely get a full backup across. I would like to make my Drobo be something more than a doorstop, so any hints appreciated.

After the thread regarding DroboShare’s reliability and having then looked into its source-code, I disconnected it.

Since then my Drobo is connected to an Airport Extreme (via USB) and I access it via WiFi from 2 computers.
Using this solution I use it as a relatively reliable backup for time machine (both computers), although I have to admit that sometimes there a slight hickups with the sparsebundles. But as far as I’ve seen from discussions that seems generally to be the case with using them via WiFi. Even Time Capsule is having sometimes trouble.