DroboShare and Airport Extreme

I have had a drobo since February connected straight into Airport Extreme storing files and Time Machine backups from 2 MacBooks.

Would droboshare enhance this setup, and if so, what extra functionality would it provide?

It wouldn’t enhance that setup at all. It will provide some other functionality though, like the ability for Droboshare to run some of the various Droboapps.

On the contrary, I think it would complicate your use of Time Machine since it isn’t connected to the Airport Extreme, so what you would have to do is probably create a seperate image file for each of your mac’s and place that on the Drobo to be able to support time machine.

The only thing that it would really give you apart from the Droboapps as mentioned by @amelsen is the ability to use Dashboard on your computers to talk to the Drobo via the Droboshare.

Just to be sure I understand well :
Pluses :

  • AirPort Extreme + Airport Disk gets you fast 802.11n Wi-Fi connection instead of Ethernet-only cabled connection :slight_smile:
  • it works with all Drobos (actually with any USB drive) :slight_smile:
  • Apple AirPort Extreme is cheaper than DroboShare :slight_smile:

Minuses :

  • only 1 USB port on Airport Extreme while 2 on DroboShare (using a USB hub may further decrease performance if more than 1 Drobo is active at a time)
  • you loose Drobo Apps execution
  • you loose Drobo Dashboard, including Drobo FW update capability (unless you directly attach the Drobo for FW updating) AND (?) including Drobo alerts on your desktop (that one, if confirmed, is pretty bad).

Equal :

  • AirPort Extreme + Airport Disk allows you to connect Macs and PCs to a Drobo (formatted NTFS or HFS+)
  • both attach through USB2, which may limit the bandwidth below 1000Base-T.

Did I miss anything, plus or minus ?
Could anybody with Airport Extreme confirm that you loose the Drobo Dashboard alerts, since to me it is the only blocking point ?

You are correct.
Drobo Dashboard only reports status (and messages) from direct-connected Drobos and DroboShare.

Using any other mechanism to share Drobo will not allow you to use Drobo Dashboard on a different client, nor will you get notifications on other clients.

If you connect Drobo to a Windows or Mac machine to share it, then you can run Drobo Dashboard on the machine. But only that machine will get notifications and status from Drobo Dashboard.

So, if you use something that can’t run Drobo Dashboard to share/manage Drobo, then you lose manageability of the Drobo.

It’d be great if DRI makes a “Drobo Dashboard client” so a single machine running Drobo Dashboard could work like DroboShare and serve networked Drobo Dashboard clients. :slight_smile:

@Bhiga put down as a feature request in the feature request thread :wink: