DroboS power on issue: all lights blink


When I turn my Drobo S on, the only thing that happens is that all the lights on the front panel just flash on and off at a frequency of about a second or so. Looking on the drobo site and in the guides, there is no mention of this particular sequence and what might be the cause. I have an open ticket with support but thought I’d check here first.
This occurred after a power outage so I suspect something is wrong with either the power supply or the drobo itself but I’d like to isolate the problem first…

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sorry, not something i have ever heard of

all of the drive lights, or all of the capacity lights (the blue ones) or ALL of the lights?

ALL of the them! The device is perfectly silent and they just blink ominously with a sort of malicious intent.

Does anyone know where to buy a replacement power supply for DroboS in the UK?

Definitely contact Drobo Support - you may still be under warranty and going through support will protect that.

Support asked me to carry out a few diagnostics steps to reset the device but the drobos could not be detected by the dashboard and in fact since yesterday, none of the lights now turn on and the device appears completely dead :confused:
Very disappointed … we’ll see what support will do next. I just hope the 1.6tb of data on 5 disks are OK…

The disks should be fine, sounds like your Drobo chassis needs replacement though.

Issue has now been resolve by Drobo Support who sent out a replacement power supply so all good - thankfully the chassis was fine.

As an aside: Can anyone recommend a small UPS to go with the DroboS that could also power a low power macmini for say 10mins before shutting both down? Q: Can the drobo dashboard shutdown a drobo when the UPS flags a power failure?

if the computer is also plugged into the UPS, then when it shutsdown then drobo will automatically go into standby, at which point it would be safe for the ups to cut the power when it runs out of battery life.

I have an APC Back-UPS BX1300G aka XS 1300.

This particular model has a few “controlled” outlets which shut off 2-3 seconds after the Master load goes below the threshold (you press a button combo to set the threshold when the device is off or in standby) and a nice display that shows input voltage, load in watts and estimated runtime.

I have my Drobos on the “always on” outlets, since I sometimes shut down the computer and rather not have Drobo get power-cycled unnecessarily.

I’ve got the smart-UPS 1500 (and im about to have to replace the battery in it - quite an expensive proposition!), everything is always on and its serial port isnt even connected to anything - on the basis that i live in a major city and most of our power interruptions are glitches lasting a few seconds at most

Thanks for the suggestions.

Can you confirm how loud these devices are when in normal operation (i.e not under load and powering devices on battery backup) as most seem to quote 45-50db at 1m and I am guessing this is only when under load? Thanks!

For the BX1300G, APC says
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit
45.00 dBA
This must be when the battery is engaged (measurement sound right to me), as I don’t hear anything from the BX1300G under normal operation.

For the Smart-UPS 1000 and 1500, APC says

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit
41.00 dBA (Smart-UPS 1000)
45.00 dBA (Smart-UPS 1500)

If it’s hot and the fan has to kick on to cool the charging circuitry it’s in the 30 dBA’s, otherwise it’s silent while running on non-battery. On-battery there is a hum, but it’s not as harsh as buzz from the BX1300G.


How did it finally go for you? Did the new power supply fix the problem? Was all your data on the disks still intact?

I have just experienced the “all-lights-blink” phenomena myself.
I turned the 2nd Gen Drobo and DroboShare off and on again but no change. I also tried to reset the unit but no change. I have left it turned off and started to look through the forum when I came across this post.

Is the only reason a faulty power supply or is there another reason?
Will it be safe to remove the disks without loosing data?

The Drobo is about 18 months old.



@pelle-plutt Please open a support case.

OK, Jennifer.

@pelle-plutt: sorry about late response. The new power supply did indeed fix the issue. I also ended up having the entire unit replaced as the fan was always on at max.

Hope you get your drobo sorted soon.

My DROBO S was working fine last night. Now it is stuck in a continuous reboot cycle. I came home from work to see my stove flashing PF(power failure) and the computer was off from the power failure. I had my Drobo S plugged into surge protector. I followed all the directions about ejecting the drives etc and reboot etc. :frowning:

I’ve submitted a ticket request, but no response yet.

you would be better off starting a new thread, more people would see it.

But if it is in a reboot cycle then contacting support is probably your best (and possibly only) option