Drobos not recognized by DroboDashboard

Just bought a spanking new iMac! Connected my 3 Drobos (Drobo 5D3, Drobo S, Drobo FS) and the only one that Drobo Dashboard recognizes is the Drobo FS.
The other two mount, but Drobo Dashboard does not detect them. You can see them in the screenshot.
I have rebooted several times and disconnected - reconnected the undetected Drobos.
Both of the missing Drobos are connected via USB.


Hello. Did you ever receive a reply to this post? I have the same issue with a DroboPro and was told that I need to buy a new unit!

Just a few suggestions…Do they show up in finder? Seems like I had a similar situation before, where Dashboard could not detect them, but finder would. I want to say that I fixed this by adding the Dashboard App to the firewall exception list and enabling full disk access within he accessibility option. My guess it is something Apple did for a security measure even if it is direct connection via USB. Every new release of the OS posses a pain to get your equipment running like it use to. On the Drobo’s that you have accessible currently, do you experience any locking up when search down several subdirectories through finder? I am, I also can’t write a pdf directly to the Drobo in Mojave because it locks it up as well, but I can in High Sierra. Let me know…

Having a similar issue here. A relatively new drobo 5c, my macbook pro, direct usb c to usb c connection. The drive is recognized by the operating system, I can transfer files to and from, everything seems fine, but drobo dashboard just doesn’t find it. I’ve put it in Security and Privacy full disk access list. What’s odd is that drobo dashboard used to recognize it, but just stopped 2 days ago, with no other changed on my part.