drobos doesnt start with droboshare

hi folks,

my drobos works fine if i connect it via usb to my pc. now i have a new droboshare. ok it comes with no additional power supply - fine.
BUT ma drobo is doing nothing after i shut it down (safely!) and set the connection to droboshare.
in detail:

  1. safe shutdown
  2. “cut” power supply
  3. connect lan to droboshare
  4. connect usb drobo & droboshare
  5. connect power “Y”-cable to drobo and droboshare
  6. connect power to both

result on droboshare:
lower led is green and stable
upper led is “sometimes blinking at an high rate” nothing special

result on drobo:

result on my PC:
drobos dashboard is saying “ready for connection” (in german:-)

any ideas on that?

thanks peter

What is the part number (p/n) on the brick to your power supply?
Is there a white sticker that says “REV01”?

How many drives do you have and what are their sizes?

Is that drobos as in 2 drobos or Drobo S? The 5 bay drobo with esata connection?

my droboSN is “**********” model DR04D-D
droboshare sticker saying:
P/N 905-00001-002
S/N TDA091661489
no “rev1” somewhere to find

my drobo is filled with 4* 1TB green WD10EADS drives.

i have found the “brick”: lol
P/N EA11003A(50)
there is a sticker on it with “A50”


(edited to remove serial number)

Please open a support case.

Also make sure you are plugging the power supply into a wall outlet and not a power strip.

Do you have any ideas what may cause this?

greetings peter

Usually it’s the wrong power supply, a weaker one. But you don’t have the part number or sticker that is on the weaker psu’s. So, that’s why I said, please open a support case.

Also again, please make sure you are using a wall outlet. Some power strips don’t have enough power.

Hi again, Now I know why this happend to me. the fault is on this damn “Y”-cable. This I have to change. The support team send me another power supply. Both are working fine. I have to call them again to get this to “green”. If you know what I mean.

Thanx for reading this

Is the Y-cable defective or not making a good connection, or is the problem that your power supply can’t provide enough power for both the Drobo and DroboShare?

I found out that the Y-cable is defect. Depending on if or how it´s bended or not …

In this case my problem is solved. Thanks for all tips

this thread can be closed

Thanks for clarifying!