Drobos and HDs vs. fire/temperature

I’m about to get a safe to protect some valuables (e.g. papers, contracts, digital assets) against fires/floods/petty theft of my residence, probably a SentrySafe Fire-Safe unit with the following rating:

  • 2-hour proven fire (UL) protection with impact
  • 30 ft. drop test
  • ETL verified for 2-hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, USB Drives and Memory Sticks up to 1850°F
  • Water-resistant

I’m thinking of keeping one of my DroboPro in there, with the other on my desk and syncing the one if the safe once a week (it’s currently a backup anyway), or getting a smaller Drobo as a 3rd unit.

Anybody knows if units like Drobos and/or HDs can survive in such a safe?

what do you mean survive?

i assume you mean turning drobo off and unplugging it and placing it in the safe

in which case i see no reason why not?

-> I can take out the unit from the safe after a fire and it is still usable.

I found the protocol for safes rated by UL’s as “2 hours models”

“Subjected to temperatures up to 1850°F (1010°C) for duration of 2-hours, the safe interior will remain below 350°F (177°C). This enables your safe to withstand even high temperature exposure, as the hottest part of a fire moves through a building.”

I’d say if the hard drives survive, the drobo would too.