Drobo's 2nd volume wont show when connected to droboshare

Hey Guys,
I bought a droboshare and am having trouble getting it to load the 2nd volume i created. The first volume is called drobo and house’s all my itunes media. The second I partitioned into 4 to back-up all the macs I have have home.

When I connect the drobo via firewire both volumes appear and can be accessed. When i connect the drobo to the droboshare and check the dashboard, both volumes are there but the second volume has no name. Also, on my mini which house’s the drobo dashboard software the dshare doesnt appear in shared volumes, I had to manually look for it with its ip address. ( i have all my machines connected to a netgear router with a complicated setup )

any help or idea’s ?



What OS are you running?

And what do you mean by a “complicated setup”?

And when you had the Drobo directly connected to the Mac, did you run repair disk on your volumes?

Hi Jennifer,

I’m running snow leopard. My setup is a home LAN. I have a netgear router that doesn’t connect to the Internet, it’s just there so I can see my other machines. I have a mac mini as a media centre that the drobo used to be connected to before the d-share was added. My mini connects to the Internet via a USB 3g dongle.

I haven’t run repair on the drobo when connected to the machine.

When I added my third drive (1tb+750gb+1.5tb) drobo let me setup a second volume which I named backup and then partitioned that volume into 4, so I could do super-duper backups to the partitions.

When I hooked my mbp up to the router it saw the droboshare, but my mini I had to use the IP to find it. Both the mbp and the mini are running the latest update of SL.

Hi again.

After reading the 11page epic regarding SL and the droboshare I’ve learnt abit. My drobo has 2 volumes (drobo and backup) both created in d-dashboard. The backup volume was then partitioned in disk utility into 4. I upgraded to the latest version of d-share firmware but I couldn’t restart my machine. ( the auto-mount did work for me, I had to apple-k into the drobo ) but I will report back after a restart to see if the auto-mount issues resolved.

Since I only have 750gb on my drobo, should I transfer it all to an external, format the drobo and redo the volumes with dashboard ?
How many volumes can I make in dashboard on the drobo ?

Also, can someone please link me to “how to install apps on the d-share” cause I’m 100% newbie green. Lol,

Auto-mount didn’t* work on my mini, but DID work on my mbp on the same network. It showed up as a local machine.[hr]
So after reading another thread, the 4 partitions on my volume “backup” are under 1tb in size, and thus won’t show up with the droboshare ?


I’m thinking just sell the droboshare ( after 1 day of ownership ) and just leaving it connected to my mini with is my home-media-sever and just connecting to the volumes that show up on the desktop (automount) with no issues. I thought the d-share was the answer…seems not.