DroboPro's New Faster Firmware

The one which fixes issues, to be a limited release on the 7th

anyone have it? (i’m looking at you suiteB)

did it install smoothly?

can you notice a difference afterwards?

this is code for - i’m not being the guineapig :stuck_out_tongue:

If it fixes my no wake on startup issues i will try it… vs. regressing to the past version…

your drobo pro wont wake on startup?

Where can I find it?

you cant find it

this week, they are only giving it to people who have opened support tickets

next week it will be available for download from their website

the week after that it will be fetched through the auto-update mechanism

at least that was the original timetable

Where exactly are you getting this information?

Jim Sherhart posted it in this forum.[hr]
here in fact:


Right so this firmware has not been released yet.
It’s not going to people who open support cases.

So please do not open support cases requesting the new firmware, which has already happened today.

We are trying to get the firmware released by mid-December, which is it not mid December yet. Also, it still needs to pass our QA testing before it is released.

as i said

and Jim did originally say it would be going to those with open support cases first… in fact i was thinking of opening a support case to get it (assuming other people here reported good experiences with it) but obviously now i wont bother :stuck_out_tongue:

DroboPro firmware 1.1.4 has been posted on our website.


It does address the performance issues.

downloading now - wish me luck![hr]
ok - update - installed fine and all seems well :stuck_out_tongue:

i just installed the update but when it was time to restart the drobopro i got a message telling me drobo cant shut it down right now because its busy and that i should close all windows and programs (i had done that previously to the update) and try again, then all the buttons went gray. I had to use the data robotics ultimate solution and reboot the computer. but now after rebooting my machine to get the drobopro to reboot all seems fine.