DroboPro won't format volumes

I have a DroboPro that I was finally able to put into service. It has 8 2TB Western Digital hard drives in it and is connected to my MacPro via Firewire (both my ethernet ports are already in use so iSCSI is out.)
I am running the latest Drobo Dashboard, and it did a Firmware update on the Drobo as soon as I fired it up.
Drobo Dashboard sees the DroboPro and says that everything is ok. When I click on “manage volumes” I can create a volume; however, no matter what size volume I choose to create, Drobo Dashboard reports the File System Format as “unknown” even though I selected HFS+.
When I try to partition the volume via Disk Utility (after the volume has been created in Drobo Dashboard, as per the instructions on the knowledgebase), I get an error message that the “file system formatter failed.”
I’ve restarted everything, reinstalled everything I can think of, and still no luck.

So I have this really nice Drobo with pretty lights and lots of drive capacity, only I can’t use it for anything.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,

I actually ran into a similar situation in Windows with a Drobo v2 a few minutes ago, I did… erm… some bad stuff… and Drobo went into a strange state where the disk would only show up as raw.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Disconnect Drobo from computer
  2. Power cycle Drobo (unplug power, wait 20 seconds, plug power back in)
  3. Reconnect Drobo to computer
  4. Drobo Dashboard prompted about unformatted volumes, had it Format volume.
  5. Things should be good at this point.
    But for whatever reason for me they were not, so the rest of this is just for info.
    The volume still appeared to be unformatted from both Drobo Dashboard and Windows.
    Windows Explorer wanted to format the drive, but only gave me exFAT as an option, so I went into Disk Management.
    Right-clicked the partition, then chose Format, and it gave me the proper NTFS format option.
    Did a Quick Format.
    And after a few minutes, it came up OK, looks correct in both Windows Explorer and Drobo Dashboard. Whew!

Please open a support case.

Done. We’ll see what happens.