Drobopro won't detect drive, suspect broken slot.

Hi All

I have recently purchased an DroboPro and it will not detect the hard drive in the second slot from the left.

I have worked through the steps outlined in


And can confirm that the drive is seated correctly

Both the dashboard and firmware are up to date (I’ve un-installed and reinstalled the dashboard to resolve a iscsi problem)

The drive isn’t faultily as I have moved multiple drives around to insure that the slot is the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas if this can be resolved?

i think if you are not able to detect a drive in that slot, even when the same drives work in other slots, then it could mean that the backplane has been damaged.

am not sure if you move the drobo around, or if you purchased it 2nd hand (bearing in mind its age) but it might have been damaged. if you got it brand new from a shop though, you might want to take it back and show them to get a replacement or refund, as im not sure if Drobo support will still support it?