DroboPro will not mount

Hi all –

I have an old DroboPro that will not mount. It powers on fine but I don’t get to the blue lights sequence, all lights just go off except for the green power light. Not recognized by Drobo Dashboard 2.8.2

No drives are in it, I just would like to reset the whole thing and start fresh. Pinhole reset does not work.

Running MacOS 10.12 but it’s been doing this over multiple OS’s. Does the same thing regardless of connecting cable. Sticking with USB for now.

Any other super-secret ways to nuke this to a factory reset setting? Or is it a boat anchor now?

Thanks in advance –

hi jose,
as far as i remember, a working drobo should become recognised by dashboard, even when empty.

im not sure if it would actually mount yet, without any drives, but if your drobo is empty currently, then maybe you could try checking some firewall or permission settings, to see if some permission changes can help dashboard see it?

maybe you could try uninstalling dashboard, and then rebooting the mac, and then trying to install dashboard again (or possibly another version of dashboard) and then checking the permissions again just in case it starts to become recognised by dashboard again for you?

here is a page with some more info that might help regarding dashboard finding the drobo:

Hi there!

As far as I got to know the circumstances, this is due to a change in “Automount” of MAC OS Sierra. I do have the same problem with my DroboPro.

Aplle has deactivated this internal function and I think, MacOs Sierra and DroboPro are not able to handle the “sleeping mode” of DroboPro.

And there is no change when the sleeping mode on DroboPro is deactivated either!

Best regards!

thanks marissen for the info.
if it does not mount automatically, maybe there is a way to manually mount it?

there was a page here with some info about how some users were able to force auto-mounting, though im not sure of the implications as do not have a mac, and maybe there is a safer, manual method?