Drobopro volume sizes

Hi all,

First off, I realise that that maximum volume size that can be created is 16TB.

If I fill the drobopro with 16TB worth of disks and enable dual disk redundancy I then have 14TB (10.85 actual). How about then, in a couple of years time I upgrade one of the disks to a 4TB drive. Will the drobo see the extra space in that same volume. or will I have to create a new volume to utilise the extra 2TB on the new disk

I apologise if this is totally impossible to understand. I am not overly good at explaining myself (something I clearly need to work on!)

Thanks for any reply


free space is always shared among all the volumes.

i.e. you have

4Tb volume - 2Tb used
another 4 Tb volume - 2Tb used

and 5Tb of total physical available disk space

then you could put another 1Tb of data onto either of your two volumes (because that 1Tb of free space is shared between your two volumes)

if you ever run in a position where your usable physical space exceeds the sum of your volumes (i.e. you have one 16Tb volume, but put in 20Tb of disks - then it will create a second volume for you automatically.

i hope that makes sense[hr]
as a side note - if you only upgrade ONE disk to 4Tb - it wont affect your available space at all - you would need to upgrade two disks to see an increase in physical space… if you put in one 4Tb disk - 2Tb of it would be “reserved” for expansion

i.e. that last 2Tb would be unavailable since drobo would have no where to mirror the data on it - hence why you would need to put two disks in , in order to utilise the additional space

Thanks, this clears a lot up. Thanks also for the speedy reply. :slight_smile:

no probs