DroboPro VERY slow. Need help

Hi -
I have a droboPro with the latest firmware and dashboard. Everything looks “healthy” but the speed is painfully slow. It takes over 3 minutes to copy 1GB.

any thoughts?

MacPro 2.8ghz Quad Core Inter Xeon
OSX Version 10.6.8
DroboPro via iSCSI
4.04tb used space
1.55tb free space[hr]
change that transfer speed to 6 minutes for 1GB - this makes my drobo useless :frowning:

My system is rather different - Drobopro formatted EXT3 via iSCSI to a Linux (Centos) server & then shared to Windows desktops.

Howver, even through this setup, I get a decent speed with the Windows machines, for both read and write; about 2 - 2.5BG GB per minute.

Do you have everything set up properly for Gigabit ethermet? If any port or switch is only 100MBit, or you have a dodgy cable with an open core so it only negotiates 100MBit, that could explain the performance.

well. The drobo was working fine before. It’s been like this for about two weeks or so…well…that’s when I started noticing the speed issues, so it could have been longer[hr]
i ran the aja system test and the drobo is writing at 1mb/s and reading at .5mb/s