Drobopro User Backups

We have a Drobo Pro we are using for our user backups. 8 1 TB drives. Have about 30 people currently using the built in Windows NT backup at random times from their machines. Some times at the users machines we get a notice of delayed write. I restart the backup on the user machine and all is fine. The Drobo Pro is on a windows 2003 server with usb connection and is shared up for all to see. Users are xp and McAfee is our antivirus. I have read conflicting info… that possiblily the anti-virus is the cause. Also would I be better served connecting with firewire, or iSCSI? We have vlans here so I know my old droboshare hated those. Would the iSCSI be seen across the vlans?


you would use the iSCSI to connect directly to the windows 2003 server - it should be a lot LOT faster than USB. and it would be shared via the windows server, just like you are at the moment.

That was a fast response! Thanks. I will give that a try!

There are several ways you can experiment & have funs w/ your Pro but I highly recommend for simplificty just get a Cat6 crossover cable & connect ur Pro to one of the dual 1 Gig ports you have on that W2K3 server. That should take care of the delayed write issue common to the USB 1.1/2.0 drive. That’s only the beginning. Now, you may want to download a 30-day trial of AppAssure Replay4 for Windows Desktop and install it on one of the 30 PCs and schedule a point-in-time snapshot at 12 hrs interval & watch how Replay4 de-duped & compressed ur backups on the Pro. That’s the Backup 2.0 in action. Btw, as one of the thumb rules in iSCSI, you want to isolate all the iSCSI traffic in its own VLAN b/c a single block copy or replication could easily saturate the entire pipe. So, ur quesiton regarding would the iSCSI be seen across the VLANs might not be a practical but technologically correct implementation.
Btw, I don’t work for AppAssure. We are using their software w/ our droboPro to run our daily or I should say hourly backups of our Windows workloads, File & Print, Exchange, SQL & SharePoint. It’s working so well that we’ve just purchaed our droboElite last week. We will start playing w/ MPIO & setup a quorum drive on the Elite in W2K8R2 soon.