DroboPro Time Machine Client Load

I’m trying to figure out if I can use my DroboPro as a network time machine drive for a few computers in my office. drobo.com has a recommended Time Machine Client Load for their newer products. For example the B1200i can potentially have up to 75 time machine clients at once.


Can the DroboPro be used as a network Time Machine drive?

If so, how many clients could use it simultaneously? It is simply a matter of having the newest dashboard software and setting it up?

hi, while i do not actually have a pro or mac, i guess if the manual and specs says that it can support a particular number of clients, then it probably can.

if you have only a few computers which is less then what the manual says anyway, then it sounds like it would work.(though you might improve the performance a bit if each of your 3 machines was able to schedule the backups in a staggered way if possible)

the largest problem that i have heard about time machine, is that it needs to be Limited in terms of how much space it can eat up, otherwise it could overfill your drobo (or any device) and cause problems. i think that most users got around this by either specifying a maximum allocation of space for TM, or better still, to also set it up to use a container file (similar to sparse bundle i believe?) which hard limits it to the size of a file you specify.

i hope this helps a bit but if you have any more info about how much space you need to use or might wish please always feel free to post back, or if you need more assurance or info from others uses too :slight_smile: