DroboPro stuck

Hi all,

I have a client’s DroboPro with me that doesn’t seem to initialize. When I remove the power cord, replug and then turn the unit back on, I get all yellow solid drive lights and all the blue lights. Orange and green comes on in the corner and then they go out. Soon after this the green status light comes on but the blues are lit and also all the drive lights are solid yellow.

Do I need to reset this box and if so, could anyone tell me if the 3 drives that are reinserted after will show the volume again?



resetting with the drives in will wipe the drives. (it didnt sound like you were intending to do that - but its worth re-stating!)

take ALL the drives out and see if it boots and is detected by dashboard if it isnt then you have a faulty drobopro, if it does boot - then it sounds like you have a problem with the disk pack.

I would suggest telephoning support - all yellow lights is not a condition i have heard of and i think you have a faulty unit

Thanks for your quick reply. All the disks are out of the unit currently. I’ll try a reset as it sits.

(also, before you put the drives back in, make sure the drobo is off)
otherwise you can blank them during reinsertion.

The unit was replaced. Thanks for your help!

glad to hear its got a happy ending :smiley: