DroboPro Solid Yellow Light, won't mount

Hey guys,

I’m gonna walk through exactly what I’ve done in the past few days to my company’s drobo, hopefully someone has an idea of what’s going on.

Last Wed I got an alert that one of my drives failed. We swapped the dead drive with a new drive and let it run. It said it would take 14 hours. Cool.
I came back to inspect how it was doing on Friday, and none of the drive lights were on, so I figured it was turned off for whatever reason. I turned it back on, it went through the full boot process, and everything was normal except for a blinking green power light, and Dashboard didn’t recognize my Drobo. I left the drobo on through the weekend, and came back in this morning to find the same thing happening.

This morning I plugged my laptop straight into the drobo via USB, and the Drobo restarted itself. The drobo briefly was discovered by dashboard, but then it went away and there was a solid yellow light. I unplugged from USB and the drobo restarted again. I read some tech docs that suggested I power the drobo down, remove the drives, and power back on. The drobo was now discoverable and I pulled down a diagnostics log like it suggested.

I turned the drobo back off, replaced the drives, plugged in the USB, and turned it back on. The dashboard discovered the drobo, but none of the drives were lit up. After about 5 minutes, the lights came on and said to replace one of my 2TB drives since there wasn’t enough space for data replication. About 2 min later, the drive went into data replication with the blinking green and yellow drive lights. I noticed that my primary volume was not mounted, with a “-” being shown in the “used” section of the volume panel, yet the overall usage said that I had about 800GB left. I had another volume for some reason with a tiny bit of leftover drive space that was mounted.

I unmounted the 2nd volume and unplugged the USB from my computer, and confirmed that the drive lights were still blinking yellow and green. A few hours later, I went back in to check on it, and ALL of the lights were off except for the power light, which was and is still lit solid yellow.

Hopefully I’ve recounted everything correctly. Does anyone have any idea what I should do? My warranty went up in 2011, so I’m feeling pretty screwed since they won’t even talk to me about EOL products.

I think if you are seeing solid yellow lights on your all of your drive bays, that is probably an indication of high usage (perhaps more than 90% used).

I’m not sure whether this will work, but I guess there is no harm trying. Try performing a slot flush, individually on all of your drives.
You could read up more from this article.

Just remember to only remove/insert the drives when the unit is turned off.
Then shutdown unit, and insert all of your drives then boot up your unit.

The objective is to flush the data from the cache into the drives, hopefully by doing so, the array would be stable enough for you to copy out and delete data to free up more space.
You want to keep your usage at 80% or less if you can.

Good luck.