DroboPro Restarting

Since the last 2-3days my Drobo Pro restartsevery once in an hour or two and then goes through the checkup process. Any idea what would cause that?

sounds like a relatively serious fault, either a power problem or possibly overheating causing it to trip out.

does it immediately restart?

i would recommend opening a support case.

Thanks for your response.

No- doesnt restart immediately and there is no set pattern to it. Sometimes when Im copying a file to it and sometimes when I’m reading a file from it.

Is there a log file that might be able to tell me whats causing the issue? Ive opened a support case for it.

I recall Jennifer asking about power supply revisions - be sure to provide that to DRI support as well.

Where can I find the revision of the PSU


That’s only for 1st and 2nd Gen Drobos.

Oh whoops, I missed the Pro at the end of DroboPro… I stand corrected!