DroboPro regularly locking up

I have 3 active DroboPros that have been working great, one since around when they were first released 11 years ago. They are all connected to my Mac via Firewire (I had to switch from iSCSI when they stopped easily supporting it and USB has strange intermittent write issues) and have been running in the current configuration for years. I am running the latest dashboard (3.5.0), firmware (1.2.3), and MacOS (10.15.2).

A couple days ago I went to my computer and every program that was accessing a particular DroboPro was frozen. I tried the applications, the Finder, Disk Utility, and even doing a simple file list in the Terminal. I could continue to access the other DroboPros without issue. The only solution I was able to find was to restart the computer. At that point the 2 good DroboPros showed up fine but the 3rd wouldn’t show up in the dashboard nor in the finder or Disk Utility. The DroboPro itself physically looked normal (all the standard lights that would normally be on we on and in the same color). I restarted the bad DroboPro and everything went back to normal. 23 hours or so later, the same exact thing happened.

Thoughts on how to troubleshoot?

Anyone know how to decrypt/decode the DroboDiag_tdb*.log file?


It happened again today, but this time to a different DroboPro.

The only real change I can think of is that previously this system was headless (no monitor, keyboard, or mouse). I plugged in all of those a few days prior. Can’t picture how they are related, but going to disconnect for a bit and see.

More info. When it is happening, ‘ls’ in the terminal actually does sometimes complete after 10+ minutes or so

Both DroboPros that were having the problem were connected to Firewire via a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock. The one that never showed the problem was plugged directly into the Mac. I moved both of the problem DroboPro to connect directly to the Mac via USB and haven’t had a problem since. Fingers crossed and hopefully the USB issues I had years ago don’t resurface.

I think you have reinforced that wherever practical, connect Drobo units direct to the PC/Macs.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

What’s weird is that I had it hooked up that way for a year. I am sure that isn’t the problem, that there is some other underlying issue that isn’t happening right now. Will revisit if it reappears…