DroboPro Rebuild Reboot Loop

Hi. My Drobo Pro is in a “Rebuild Reboot Loop”. When the Drobo starts, the left HDD bay LED is red, all other LED’s green, I am then able to access my data. After about 2 or 3 minutes, all HDD LED’s flash green/amber and capacity Blue LED’s at 75%. Rebuilt takes place for between 30min and 2 hours, then I loose connection with the Drobo, All HDD LED’s turn amber and all blue capacity LED’s are lit. a few seconds in this state, then the Drobo restarts.

Is this a normal rebuild process?

I have already tried as on the forums to remove all HDD’s, start Drobo, shutdown, reseat all HDD, and start Drobo.

I have also manually reinstalled the Drobo firmware with HDD out of the Drobo, but with no luck.

Any help will be appreciated.

I have further noticed that after a period of rebuild and restart loops, the Drobo goes into a state of green power power LED only. No other LED lights lit.

I have also noticed that my Windows 10 recognises errors on my Drobo volume and wants to fix the volume/drive.

Any other possible things I can try?

hi manie, can dashboard still see the drobopro?
if so, then one thing that might help a bit could be to try putting your drobo into read only mode as per here:

if that works, then it might provide a bit more temporary stability, at least to allow you to make backups of your data before progressing to next steps to address the main cause (which could be due to multiple drive errors)

Hi Paul, and thanks for the reply.

Yes, the dashboard can still see the drobo.
Yesterday I put the Drobo into readonly mode, but this did not change my problem.
The Drobo still starts up with all HDD LED’s green, except the left LED, then after about 3 minutes, all LED’s turn flashing green & amber with 8/10 blue capacity LED’s lit.

I am busy copying my data to and external, but this is a major struggle as it seems after about 30 minutes to an hour the drobo “freezes”… whereby all HDD LED’s turn stable amber/orange then all blue capacity LED’s lit, then after about 30seconds, the Drobo restarts.

At stages the Drobo does not fully restart, but has only the green power LED lit.



thanks for the info manie,
it might be that your pack of drives (making up the disk pack) are encountering multiple errors across the drives, and that it is resetting once it gets to a certain point and can not continue. i think you are doing the best thing possible right now, which is to be backing up the data while it is still accessible (at least as best as possible)

in the meantime though, can you remember how things were or if there were any other changes or things that you can remember, from shortly before the issue started taking place?
is there (or was there) any labels or notes near a drive bay in dashboard, such as warning or healed? (you may need to select a drive tab to see this)

please let me know if you have a very large file that is needing longer to back up than the window you have as i think there is another way for doing that in stages, such as via a local ftp service (using resume) or a quickpar 100% blocks split.

Good day Paul

Before this issue started, I had a hard drive failure in the far right bay. I replaced the HDD with a new HDD. In the dashboard all showed normal. When I say normal, the Drobo detected the drive and started the rebuild and the Dashboard gave me an estimated completion time. Currently it does not give any time frame.

Regarding the labels or notes, I have not seen any notes and I do not see any info when I click on the drive tab. I have dashboard 2.7.1. installed.

Thanks for your willingness to assist. I will have to see when I get to the large data, then I can try your suggestion or notify you when I have problems.



thanks for the update manie, ok sure

Hi. Some feedback after I copied all my data.

I ran Seatools on all my Seagate HDD’s to check, and found one HDD faulty, and the other one works for about one minute then totally hangs.

My problem was caused by faulty HDD’s.


thanks manie for the extra info,
am glad you have been able to copy your data.

(what next steps would you like to take now?)