DroboPro Reboots with PC

When I reboot my PC (Win7 x64) the DroboPro (connected via iSCSI) shuts down and reboots as well. It is full (~12TB active data) and takes a LONG time to reboot and reappear in Windows.

It there a way to just keep the Drobo on while windows reboots?

Thanks in advance!

When you say a long time how long is a long time?

I have a PRO attached with iSCSI and it will take some time to come back up but not anything out of the ordinary for 8 drives to spin up - self check and come up as an active drive…

The DroboPro completely shuts down when I reboot the PC. So the DroboPro starts back up (the blue lights go from 1-10 slowly - 4-5min), then it comes online (2-3min), then Windows/Drobo Dashboard find it (2-3min).

Takes a ~1min reboot and turns it into 10-15 before I can use the computer/drives again.

So its not going to sleep - it is fully tuning off / shutting down…

How have you configured your iSCSI?

Have you applied any firmware or software updates recentally?

Anything else of note you can add?

Initially I had piles of iSCSI issues when I used XP with WIN7 its been pretty painless so far…overall

The Drobo will reboot when connected directly to your computer. If it’s on a switch, it won’t reboot.

Mine does not reboot - it goes to sleep yes - but it will not take as long to come back up as a full shutdown and restart…