DroboPro on Big Sur

Hey everyone.

Has anyone had any luck with the DroboPro on Big Sur?
Mine are not recognized at all :confused:


what do you mean by “not recognized”? Finder or Disk Util can’t see the volume or Drobo Dashboard can’t see the DroboPro? If the former that’s a problem. If the later it’s been seen before but unacknowledged by Drobo support. The work around I’m using is to eject the volume from Finder and then unplug and plug the Drobo back in. Granted this is using a Drobo Gen3 not a DroboPro

I wouldn’t care if it was recognized by Disk Utility and visible on the system. Unfortunately it isn’t, or to be more precise if I’m lucky I’ll catch a glimpse of it before it disappears again.
I haven’t had the time yet to look at the syslog but I’ll bet you it’s connecting and disconnecting immediately.

It doesn’t show up in drobo dashboard at all.

My DroboPro fails to mount since the Big Sur upgrade when connected by Firewire on my 2017 MacBook Pro)
(I am using apple TB3-TB2-firewire adaptors which worked fine with OS10)
The Drobo is seen on the firewire bus, but not recognised.
It will connect by its USB2 to my computers USB C albeit very sloooooowly.

Thanks for the tip, I just tried on USB-to-USB-C it mounted.