DroboPro on a NAS

I’d really like my DroboPro shared on the LAN. My hope was to use a low-powered, NAS to move files and stay on always. Speed is not an issue.

I bought a Seagate NAS110, and it see the DroboPro, but thinks it only has 2TB available. My DroboPro is currently set to 8TB and all computers see the 8TB, no problem.

Standard external drives work fine.

Seagate tech support offered no love. :~(

Is there a NAS out there that will work?

Most USB-sharing devices only support single-volume MBR partitions (XP-compatible in Drobo terms).

I’d go with a small low-power net-top Mac Mini type system and share it through that. You’ll use more power, but you could have it sleep when idle and use Wake-On-LAN to wake it.

BTW: Liked your airshow vid. :slight_smile: