DroboPro - No 32TB Max Storage, No 4TB Max Drive Size?

Hello all,

I recently purchased a used DroboPro. While setting it up, I was ignorant of the advertised max pool size and max drive size. So I shucked 3 12TB WD external enclosures which were on sale at BestBuy and put them into the DroboPro along with a 750 GB drive and a 4TB drive.

I then created three 16TB volumes called DroboPro 1, DroboPro 2, and DroboPro 3.

My plan was to first copy all of the data from my Drobo S onto the Drobo Pro and then slot in the three 4TB drives occupying it into the DroboPro, and then retire the Drobo S.

I was not aware of any limits on numbers of volumes or on storage maximums when I set this up. The weird thing is that the DroboPro doesn’t seem to be aware of these limits either. The three 12TB drives are showing up green in the “Status” window and each says “12TB”. In the “Capacity” window it is reporting having a current pool size of 40.75 TB (37.06 TB actual*)…and I have tried and succeeded in copying files into each of the three 16TB volumes…each of which shows up on my Desktop as an external firewire drive.

Did I just get lucky with this one? I find it hard to believe that other DroboPro owners have not experimented with adding larger drives or additional volumes in the past decade.

Granted, it failed to create my three volumes on the first attempt. It’s as if it timed out or something, and i needed to delete them and try again. On my second attempt I created the three volumes one at a time, consistently giving the DroboPro lots of time to finish. At the end of the day I’ve got what appears to be 48TB of virtual volumes, and if my copy and drive transplant succeeds, 48TB of raw capacity also…

Did I do something wrong? Is the Drobo simply reporting something that it won’t actually deliver?