DroboPro MPIO in Windows 2003/2008 - works like a charm!

Finally! I was able to have my DroboPro iSCSI MPIO working & it’s being shared by 4 W2K3/W2K8 servers running CDP (Continuous Data Protection) at 15 min interval on 4 different Smart Volumes. This “Black Box” has never ceased to amaze me! My next project is to try the JumboFrame using a 3rd party iSCSI initatiator from StarWind. StarWind would allow me to CDP/Mirror my DroboPro to another DroboPro for an Active-Active Failover/Failback FT.

Did you do anything special to get this working? I ask because every time I send a message to support they tell me to make sure I’m not using MPIO because it won’t work. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you got it working.

@chrism, I may be cynical, but I think its easier for DRI’s support to say MPIO is not supported than it is to help people with it.

From everything I’ve read, the DroboPro doesn’t have a complete enough iSCSI stack to arbitrate multiple hosts connecting to it – two hosts writing to the same SmareVolume will corrupt it. I am not surprised that a manual workaround with a different Initiator works, but you are then in a “not supported” configuration and any mistakes will be your responsibility and all the company will do is say “We told you it wasn’t supported.”

It’s not supported. The pro was not designed for MPIO. The iSCSI was designed for a faster than firewire connection.

@Switcher, you are correct, two or more hosts writing to the same SmartVolume via iSCSI will corrupt the data. Using a different iscsi initiator is not supported as well.